Agile Transformation Lab 27 november

Op 27 november organiseren wij samen met onze internationale samenwerkingspartner ICG een uniek seminar over wendbaarheid in Eindhoven.

Agility is the most used buzzword in today’s management lingo. In this intensive learning lab, you’ll get a better understanding about agile mindset, agile concepts and agile working tools. We’ll help you to avoid merely following a trend. You’ll get a clearer picture of what works and does not work. By working on your own challenges,  you will bring back nuggets, new ideas and fresh thoughts as to how you can foster your agile transformation process.

Why work in a lab?

We act as a host and bring together people who want to deepen their knowledge about agility. If you already have practical experience with the topic and you want to share, learn and take away key findings for your own challenge, join us at the lab.

What you can expect

  • an overview of agile principles and organizational models.
  • experiences from good practice cases.
  • knowledge about boundaries of traditional approaches as well as chances of agile methodologies.
  • to choose from a menu of tools and practical topics you want to work on.
  • state-of-the-art insights into how to transform a traditional company into a more agile one.
  • to get fresh ideas for your own case and return to your home base with new knowledge and good energy.

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